Sinda® Casing and tubing with API 5L ,API 5CT certification and ISO quality system certification.

Casing pipe and tubing pipe

Casing is a large-diameter pipe that serves as the structural retainer for the walls of oil and gas wells, or well bore. It is inserted into a well bore and cemented in place to protect both subsurface formations and the wellbore from collapsing and to allow drilling fluid to circulate and extraction to take place. Steel Casing Pipes have smooth wall & minimum yield strength of 35,000 psi.

Tubing: Tubing is pipe used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the surface after drilling is complete. It is made to withstand the pressure generated from the extraction process. Tubing is manufactured in the same way as casing, except that an additional process known as "upsetting" is applied to thicken the pipes.

casing pipe

Material:API 5CT H40/J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/Q125 Oil Tubing with LTC\ STC\BTC\VAM\NUE\EUE
Length: 6M~14M,R1,R2,R3 length can be manufactured by customer requirement.
OEM: can be required
OD: 14mm~720mm,4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2, 6 5/8, 7, 7 5/8, 7 3/4, 8 5/8, 9 5/8,10 3/4,11 3/4,13 3/8.

Casing pipe and tubing pipe

Quality Standard

SY/T 6194 : Petroleum and natural gas industries Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells
BS EN ISO 11960 :Petroleum and natural gas industries Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells
NF M87-207 : Petroleum and natural gas industries Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells
IS 4270 : Steel tubes for well spainend casing pipes

Steel Grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, M65, L80, L8013CR, C90, C95, T95, P110, Q125, V150

Casing and tubing

Casing tubing pipe schedule

Casing pipe and tubing pipe

Casing and tubingCasing pipe and tubing pipe.

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New Update Pipe List

    ERW Line Pipe,API 5L ERW line pipe X42-X70 1) Standard: API 5L, ASTM2) Technique: ERW3) Type Of End Finish: Plain End, Beveled4) Length Range: 6-14M (Special length is available on request)5) Usage: For conveyance of gas, water and o.

    API 5DP Oil Drill Pipe,)Size: 2-3/8, 2-7/8, . 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6-5/8 (OD: 2 3/8" to5 1/2" of label 1 or 60.32mm to 139.7mm ))Length: R1, R2, R3 (R1: 6.1-7.01m; R2: 8.84-9.75m; R3: 12.19-13.72m))Grade: E75, X 95, G105, S135 .

    thick wall carbon steel pipe theoretical weight formula,Large diameter thick wall steel pipe weight formula: [(OD - Wall Thickness) * thickness * 0.02466 = kg / m (weight per meter).Seamless carbon steel pipe weight: Kg / m = (diameter - thi.
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    Erw Casing Tubing.
    Non-upset, external-upset or integral joint Threaded, plain-end, or other connection With or without couplings Special bevel couplings.
    Dear, We are specialized OCTG supplier, providing linepipe, tubing, casing, drilling pipes based on your requirements. Product ranges: 1. Linepipe (API 5L) OD: 1/2~48 / Grade: B,X42,X52,X60,X70,X80./ SMLS,LSAW,ERW,SSAW/HIC,SSCC/FBE,3PE,3PP 2. Tubing (API.
    P110 Electric-welded casing,Q125 ERW casing pipe.
    Slotted Casing/Pipes Material:carbon steel, API material, J55/K55,N80,L80,P110 The slotted liner is primarily utilised towards the water and oil reservation layer devoid of much sand. It really is function is usually to avoid rock bits from dropping into.
    Conductor.Intermediate, Liner Strings.Production Casing.
    This API 5CT grade N80 steel casing tube has basically the exact same parameters since the N80 tubing. Even so, the thread of our merchandise may be pided into buttress variety, extended round kind, quick round kind, VAM variety and a few others. Material.
    API 5CT casing pipe,OCTG and Linepipe.