Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Heavy wall steel pipe machining technology teaching material

Wang white, Bai cheng sheng※, zhang zhao zhong (Key Laboratory of Eastwest Water Resources and Environment Ecology, Ministry of Education,hebei University of Technology, beijing 6100983) 

Heavy wall steel pipe machining technology teaching materials 
Heavy wall steel pipe is steel strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, two-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process automatically welded spiral seam steel pipe. 
(1) raw material strip volume, wire, flux. The input to go through rigorous physical and chemical testing. (2) with a thick-walled steel pipe is steel strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, thick-walled steel pipe welded together in automatic two-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process 
(1) raw material strip volume, wire, flux. The input to go through rigorous physical and chemical testing. 
(2) strip head and tail docking, using a single wire or twin-wire submerged arc welding and automatic submerged arc welding rolled into the steel pipe. 
(3) before forming the strip after flattening, cutting, trimming, edge planing, transportation and to the curved side surface cleaning. 
(4) electric contact pressure gauge to control the conveyor on both sides of pressing the fuel tank pressure to ensure the smooth delivery of the strip. 
(5) external locus of control or internal control roll forming. 
(6) of the weld gap control device to meet the welding requirements to ensure that the weld gap, diameter, misalignment and weld gap have been strictly controlled. 
(7), welding and outside welding Lincoln welding machine, a single wire or twin-wire submerged arc welding, so as to obtain a stable welding specifications. 
(8) finished welding the weld line continuous ultrasonic injury examination was to ensure 100% of the spiral weld non-destructive testing coverage. If defective, automatic alarm and spray the tag, production workers and so adjusting the process parameters at any time, to eliminate defects in a timely manner. (9) air plasma cutting machine to cut the pipes into a single root. 
(10) cut a single steel pipe, each batch of steel pipe should be carried out strict inspection system, check the weld mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status, quality of the steel pipe surface and after NDT inspection, to ensure that the pipe process qualified can formally put into production. 
Weld (11) marked the site of continuous acoustic flaw detection, manual ultrasonic and X-ray review, if there are defects after repair again after destructive testing, until the confirmation of the defect has been eliminated. (12) strip butt weld, and intersect with spiral weld small joint where the pipe all through the X-ray television or film examination. 
(13) steel pipe hydrostatic test pressure radial seal. Test pressure and time by a steel pipe pressure microcomputer detection device is strictly controlled. The test parameters are automatically printed records. 
(14) Heavy wall pipe end machining, so that the end vertical slope side of the mouth and blunt, accurate control. 
Pressure fluid transmission, with spiral seam submerged arc welded pipe SY5036-83, is mainly used for transporting oil, natural gas pipelines; pressure fluid transmission high frequency welded steel pipes with spiral seam welding SY5038-83, high frequency lap welding method , for the pressure fluid transmission spiral high-frequency welded steel pipe. Bearing capacity of steel pipe, plastic, for easy welding and processing; low pressure fluid conveying spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe SY5037-83, using double-sided automatic submerged arc welding or single-sided welding into the legal system for water, gas , low pressure fluid such as air and steam using the submerged arc welded pipe. 
Heavy wall steel pipe
Heavy wall steel pipe commonly used standard is generally divided into: SY/T5037-2000 (department standard, also known as ordinary fluid pipes with thick wall steel pipe), GB/T9711.1-1997 (GB, also known as petroleum and natural gas industries - Steel pipe Technical delivery conditions: Pipes of requirement class A (the current demanding GB/T9711.2 B grade steel pipe)), API-5L (American Petroleum Institute, also known as Heavy wall steel pipe; which is divided into PSL1 and PSL2 two levels), SY/T5040-2000 (, Heavy wall steel pipe). 
SCI/SSCI Cited Number : 67.

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