Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Oil casing purpose indicators

Oil casing purpose indicators 

Oil casing is oil drilling equipment, and its main equipment including drill pipe, the core pipe and casing, drill collars, and small-bore drilling with steel pipes. Domestic casing to geological drilling steel made by hot-rolled or cold drawn steel "geological" (DZ), casing steel grade DZ40 DZ55 DZ753 kinds. 
1 Use 

Used in oil well drilling. 
2. Species 
The SY/T6194-96 oil casing points short thread casing coupling long thread casing and its access hoop two. 
Specifications and appearance quality 
Domestic casing in press SY/T6194-96 regulations (1), sleeve length is not cut to length, the range 8-13m. But not less than 6m of the casing can be provided, their number shall not exceed 20%. 
(2) inner and outer surfaces of the casing may have folded, hairline, separation, cracking, rolling, folding and scarring. These defects should be completely removed, clear the depth shall not exceed 12.5% ​​of the nominal wall thickness. 
(3) coupling the outer surface may fold, hairline, separation, cracks, rolling, folding, scarring and other defects. 
(4) casing and coupling threaded surface should be smooth, not allowed to have glitches, tearing, and enough to make the thread to interrupt the impact strength and other defects in tight junctions. 
(4) the chemical composition of test 
(1) at SY/T6194-96 provisions. Casing and its coupling with the same steel grade. The sulfur content of <0.045%, phosphorus content <0.045%. 
(2) The provisions of GB222-84 take samples for chemical analysis. GB223 in the relevant portions of the chemical analysis. 
(3) American Petroleum Institute of ARISPEC5CT1988 requirements. Chemical analysis according to the ASTME59 latest version of the sample, according to the latest version of the ASTME350 chemical analysis. 
(5) the physical performance test 
(1) at SY/T6194-96 provisions. Tensile testing for the flattening test (GB246-97) (GB228-87) and hydrostatic test. 
(2) A hydrostatic test according to the American Petroleum Institute APISPEC5CT1988 1, flattening test, sulfide stress corrosion cracking tests, the provisions of the hardness test (ASTME18 or E10 latest version), tensile test, the lateral impact test ( The latest version of ASTMA370, ASTME23 standard provisions), grain size determination (ASTME112 latest version or other methods). 
6 The main imports and exports 
(1) oil casing main importing countries are: Germany, Japan, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Britain, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Argentina, Singapore also imports.Import standards to reference to the American Petroleum Institute standard API5A 5AX, 5AC. Steel grade H-40 J-55, N-80, P-110, C-75, C-95 and so on. The main specifications for 139.77.72R-2 177.89.19R-2, 244.58.94R-2, 244.510.03R-2, 244.511.05R-2. 
(2) API provides the length of three: the R-1 4.88 ~ 7.62m, the R-2 for 7.62 ~ 10.36m, R-3 10.36m to longer. 
(3) some of the imported goods marked with the the LTC words, that is, filaments buckle casing. 
(4) imported from Japan casing with the API standards, as well as implementation of the small part of the Japanese factory standards (such as Nippon Steel, Sumitomo, Kawasaki, etc.), steel is the NC-55E, the NC-80E, NC-L80 NC-80HE. 
(5) In the case of claims, a black buckle, the threaded injury, tube folded, broken buckle and thread closely from the ultra-poor, ultra poor appearance of the defect and the casing of brittle fracture of the J values ​​of the coupling, the yield strength and low intrinsic quality problems. 
7 Packaging 
According to the provisions of SY/T6194-96 domestic casing with steel wire or steel strapping. The exposed part of each casing and coupling threads should be screwed on to protect the ring to protect the thread. 
8 other 
American Petroleum Institute Standard APISPEC5CT1988 a casing of Casing and tubing grade H-40, J-55, K-55, N-80, C-75, L-80, C-90, C-95, P- 110, Q-125 10. 
Casing threaded coupling supplier, or any of the following one end of the form of supplier: 
Flat side, round thread with no collar or with collar, buttress thread with coupling and without coupling, direct-attached thread, special end processing, the ring structure. 

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