Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Straight SMLS steel pipe and seamless steel pipe difference

Straight seam steel pipe and seamless steel pipe difference between
 Straight seam steel pipe and seamless steel pipe between the biggest difference is the processing methods and quality. Straight seam steel pipe is parallel to the longitudinal weld and steel pipe steel pipe. Usually divided into metric power
Welded steel pipe, welding thin-walled tube, transformer cooling tubing, seamless steel pipe is a hollow sections, peripheral joints round, square, rectangular steel.
 One: in the processing method, straight seam steel pipe is divided into four in the processing method:
A forged steel: the pressure of the impact or press forging hammer back and forth to make the blanks change into the required shape and size of a pressure processing methods.
   Squeeze: steel will be placed in metal closed squeeze Jane, put pressure on one end, so that the metal extrusion from the provisions of the die hole and get the same shape and size of the finished product.
Processing methods used for the production of non-ferrous material steel.
   Rolling: steel metal billets through a pair of rotating the roll gap (various shapes), the compression of the material cross section decreases, the length of the pressure due to roll processing methods
   Drawing steel: rolled metal stock (type, management, products, etc.) through die holes to pull aside into the cross section decreases the length of the processing method is mostly used as a cold.
   Seamless steel pipe processing methods: (a result of different production methods are divided into hot-rolled pipe, tube cold-rolled, cold drawn tubes, squeeze tubes, etc.)
   A hot-rolled seamless pipe is generally automatic pipe mill production. Solid tube and after inspection to remove surface defects, cut into desired length, end to end surface of the perforation in the tube centering, and then
Sent to the furnace heating, perforation puncher. Perforation at the same time continue to rotate and advance the role of the roll and head tube internal cavity, said capillary.
Continue rolling and then sent to the automatic rolling machine, the last through all the whole entire wall thickness sizing, sizing machine, to achieve the specifications. Continuous pipe mill producing hot-rolled seamless steel pipe
Is a more advanced method.
  If a smaller size and better quality seamless pipe must be cold-rolled, cold drawn or both methods. Cold rolled usually in two-roll mill, steel pipe in
Variable cross-section hole slot and ring pass not move the cone head rolling, cold drawing is usually in the 0.5 ~ ~ 100T single chain or double chain drawing machine.
  3 extrusion is about to heat a good tube on the closed extrusion cylinder, perforated rods and extruded rod with movement, so that the extrusion extrusion from the die hole of smaller. This method can produce straight
Smaller diameter steel pipe.
   : Both in the specification is not the same
     A straight seam steel pipe quality requirements:
     Welded steel pipe should do the mechanical performance test and flattening test, flaring test, and to achieve the standard requirements. The pipe should be able to withstand a certain degree of internal pressure, if necessary, into
Line 2.5Mpa pressure test, for one minute without leakage. Allows the use of eddy current testing method instead of the hydrostatic test. Eddy current testing according to GB7735 pipe eddy current testing, the test method standard
The quasi execution. Eddy current testing method is the probe fixed to the rack, flaw detection and weld to keep the 3 ~ 5mm distance, comprehensive scanning rely on the rapid movement of the steel pipe welds, flaw letter
Sorting, automatic processing of eddy current flaw detector and automatic flaw detection purposes.
 The flaw after the pipe flying saw, cut the required length off the assembly line by the flip frame. The steel pipe at both ends should be flat head chamfer, marking, the finished works hexagonal Strapping out
 Seamless steel pipe of the quality requirements:
(1) the chemical composition of steel: the chemical composition of steel is one of the seamless steel pipe performance the most important factors, but also to develop the tube rolling process parameters and steel heat treatment process parameters mainly according to
According to.
2 steel pipe geometry of dimensional accuracy and shape
3 .. Steel surface quality: smooth surface requires
 The above is straight seam steel pipe and seamless pipe are two different.

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