Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Rolling perforated gross Mild Steel Pipe quality reasons Ana

Rolling and perforated the gross Mild Steel Pipe quality reasons Analysis and Prevention

Vertical piercing Gross Square steel, pipe quality and pre seamless 50Mn, 40Cr seamless the 20Cr finishing seamless Mild Steel Pipe, 65Mn cold drawn seamless, specifications: Φ10mm-Φ118mm × 2mm-18mm. Material: 20 # -45 # quality carbon structure, 20Cr-40Cr alloy structure, 15CrMo-35CrMo high-pressure alloy Mild Steel Pipe, 16Mn (Q345B)-50Mn seamless, Cr12-Cr12Mo1V1 mold DZ40 (50Mn)-DZ55 (45Mn2) geological and so on.

Mild Steel Pipes

① Chong (wear) hole billet uneven wall thickness: process reasons, the heating temperature caused by uneven.

Preventive measures: a. Should ensure uniform heating Mild Steel Pipe billet (law of least resistance) to prevent serious burning.

and as possible billet of Mild Steel Pipe the centerline punch (ejector) centerline coincide Note adjust punch

(Jack) oriented system, the gap can not be too large.

c. prevent (punch) mandrel bent, it should ensure that its large enough bending strength.

The d. pressure punching machine crosshead oriented Mild Steel Pipe billet guide and guard the adjustment of the device and push the piercing machine, Mild Steel Pipe billet centerline rolling center alignment and stability must be guaranteed.

② Chong (wear) hole blank inside and outside the straights:

a. causes: punch (plug) is to work in extremely harsh high-temperature, high-pressure environment, their ends once produced the severe deformation or sticky steel punch (plug) arising in the inner surface of Mild Steel Pipe blank relative motion, will be scratching the surface of Mild Steel Pipe billet form within straights.

precautions: To prevent the red (wear) hole billet produce within, outside straights defects, hedge head (head), the cooling of the die (roll) should be strengthened to improve their life, they are advised to make use of high-strength heat-resisting steel punch (head), once bonded steel, it is necessary to timely grinding or replacement.

③ Chong (wear) hole billet outer surface abrasions:

a Cause: push piercing the outer surface of the perforated billet abrasions because Mild Steel Pipe blank after the surface is not smooth and the conveyor roller, or stick steel or damaged rolls relative sliding occurs arising.

precautions: should strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the punching tool and roller, timely replacement of the tool and the workpiece can not meet the technical requirements.

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