Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

The pipe diameter and wall thickness diameter structure weld

The pipe diameter and wall thickness diameter  structure welded steel pipe

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A structure with high strength weathering welded steel pipe (YB / T 4112-2002) provides high strength weathering of welded steel pipe Q300GNH \ Q325GNH and Q355GNH three grades. The standards listed in the three grades of steel pipes for civil construction scaffolding tower, pillar grid structure.
   Second, the structure required weather with high strength welded steel pipe (YB / T 4112-2002) steel pipe diameter and wall thickness of three accuracy class as follows:
    Outside diameter: outer diameter precision steel pipe D1
              An outer diameter of the higher accuracy of a steel pipe D2
              The outside diameter of ordinary precision steel pipe D3
Wall thickness: Wall thickness precision steel pipe S1
              Wall thickness of the high accuracy of a steel pipe S2
              The wall thickness of ordinary precision steel pipe S3
     Third, the outer diameter of the tube wall thickness allowable deviation shall comply with the provisions of Table 1.1 and Table 1.2. Between consultation and specified in the contract, to supply steel pipe tolerances. The level of precision of the diameter, wall thickness should be specified in the contract, not indicated by ordinary accuracy supplier, the ordinary precision code may be omitted.
structure welded steel pipe
               The outer diameter of the tube allows deviation                              Table 1.1
Outer diameter D (mm)
The size allowable deviation (mm)
Ordinary accuracy D3
Higher accuracy D2
High-precision D1
± 0.50
± 0.25
± 0.10
> 30-40
± 0.50
± 0.30
± 0.15
> 40-50
± 0.50
± 0.35
± 0.20
> 50-168
± 1.0% D
± 0.8% D
± 0.5% D
               Steel pipe wall thickness allows deviations                                 in Table 1.2
Wall thickness S (mm)
The size allowable deviation (mm)
The ordinary precision of S3
High precision S2
High-precision S1
± 0.18
± 0.15
± 0.16
± 0.20
± 0.17
± 0.18
± 0.25
± 0.20
± 0.22
± 0.29
± 0.25
± 0.20
> 5.5-7.0
± 0.32
± 0.29
± 0.25
Fourth, the length of pipe
(1) Normal length: ≤ 30mm 2000 ~ 6000mm outside diameter
               Outside diameter> 30 ~ 168mm 2000 ~ 8000mm
According to the agreement of both supply and demand, supply other lengths of steel pipe.
Steel pipe shape
  The degree of curvature of the steel pipe should be less than 1.5mm / m.
  -Roundness of the steel pipe should not exceed 75% of the outside diameter tolerances.
  Steel pipe at both ends of the cross-section perpendicular to the pipe axis and remove burrs.
Sixth, quality steel
Steel pipe according to the the theoretical quality or actual quality delivery. The theoretical mass is calculated as follows:
W = 0.02466 (DS) S
Where: W = the theoretical mass of the steel pipe, kg / m;
      S = nominal wall thickness of steel pipe, mm;
      D = public of steel pipe nominal outside diameter, mm;

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