Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

cance of seamless steel pipe API certification


cance of seamless steel pipe API certification
1 beneficial competition can produce progressive products
Advances in the quality of the product, produced skills to depend on both the enterprise and also depends on the degree of the quality of governance. In the process of transition to a market economy in China, from the program of economic, not only the introduction of investment funds, also, the introduction of internationally recognized standards, norms. The affair had become a popular consumer consensus stressing quality, brand-name customers more sophisticated quality tracing respected. Customer to distinguish the quality of the product is good or bad, is to look at the ability of the business through the prestige of the quality system certification, the ability to obtain the certification of the product. Petroleum equipment industry related companies promised to permit access to the API will be the subject of the use is made of the oil produced in the device's product certification. As long as such, the enterprise will be able to produce oil equipment marked with the API seamless tube and api pipe api pipe monogram tag, can be made on the practical significance of international passport, will be able to open from product sales in the international market, will be able to win customers, progressive enterprises promise intense competition in the market for more business opportunities.
2, is conducive to producing corporate progress skills and quality of
API published by the skills of the 54 kinds of petroleum equipment standard, used in various types of product information, specifications and models, experiments, marking, quality temperance, storage and shipping are made to understand the rules. These standards are plenty of reasonable, advanced sexual performance and security requirements of the product. Just produce prepared in accordance with the relevant standards and stick skills drawings, technical documents, and in the production process stricter enforcement of the specification requirements, will be able to ensure that the product produced by manufacturers with international advanced level. International buyers, manufacturers like Hsu requirements of domestic customers predicament requirements for manufacturers, are also increasing. Thus, we can easily find: manufacturers generous fulfill and produce its oil equipment, oil equipment API published by stricter enforcement of skill standards, produced more than just help enterprises progress skills and quality of domestic and foreign markets and can win.
3, will help produce the degree of enterprise advances in the quality of governance
Quality outline standards organizations publish API API Spec Q1 (seventh edition) from the system's point of departure, all kinds of skills, constitute the entire process of product quality governance to the staff essentially the specific requirements of the temperance. Oil production equipment manufacturers to establish and adhere to quality assure manual sequential file and homework files, orderly manner to make the quality movement, produced the entire staff can rule-based hair according to. Establish and adhere to the quality of records can make the quality management system as well as system requirements to adhere to the consistency of the quality movement, can guarantee the enterprise a long time constant to the output to fit the customer requirements of the product, to assure the enterprise level of the quality of governance in the operation process continue to be modified from time to time to get progress, gaining perfect.

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