Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe formula calculation method

Seamless steel pipe to withstand the pressure of the formula calculation method

Method One:

Seamless steel pipe pressure calculation method , seamless steel tubes,alloy steel seamless and welded steel pipe subjected to internal pressure, total wall thickness is calculated according to the following formula:

         The PD 
δ =------+ C 
     200 [σ] φ + P

Wherein d a - tube Pik Thickness (mm); 
  P - pipe the inner dielectric workers ashamed pressure (kg / cm 2 ); when the pressure is not high, the P value of the denominator in the formula desirable P = 0, in order to simplify calculation; Seamless steel pipe
  the D- - outside diameter of pipe (mm); 
  φ - weld coefficient, Seamless pipe φ = 1, straight seam welded steel pipe φ = 0.8, spiral seam welding Steel Pipe φ = 0.6; 
  [σ] - allowable stress of the pipe (kg   C - tube wall thickness / mm 2 ), pipe stress value allowable under various temperature are shown in Table 2-5; 
additional amount (mm). 
  Tube wall thickness additional amount determined as follows:
C = C1 + of C2 + C3 



The tube can withstand the pressure P = (2 * σ / S * δ) / D wherein: the pressure is P, the tensile strength of σ, S is a safety factor, the wall thickness of δ, the pipe diameter D. Let the tensile strength of the material is σ, the pressure P, the pipe diameter D; pipe wall thickness δ = (p * D) / (2 * σ / S)wherein S is the safety factor; because P is less than 7MPa, S election S = 8; P less than 17.5MPa, the S select S = 6; P greater than 17.5MPa, S select S = 4; we selected safety factor of S = 6; select the tensile strength of the steel 20 to 410 MPa, so the tube can withstand the pressure P = (2 * σ / S * δ) / D                    = (2 * 410/6 * 3) / (10 +6)                    = 26.25MPa>, setting 17.5MPa therefore safety factor of S = 4 Therefore, the tube can withstand the pressure P = (2 * σ / S * δ) / D

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