Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Performance of structure steel pipe application


Performance of steel pipe concrete structure and application of the principle
Steel pipe concrete building components, fill in the concrete in the steel tube to form the cross-sectional shape can be divided into square steel tube concrete filled circular steel concrete and steel pipe concrete polygon. It uses two materials of steel and concrete combination between role in the process of force, give full play to the advantages of the two materials to make concrete with greatly improved ductility and toughness, and avoid or delay the steel tube local buckling occurred, whole has high bearing capacity, ductility and toughness, excellent economic efficiency and facilitate the construction of the steel pipe concrete.

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    Steel pipe concrete is a combination of two materials, but the component industry is concerned, it is regarded as a new material, namely the so-called "combination of materials" (no longer distinguish between the steel tube and concrete). And steel concrete components performance under different load combinations change is continuous and uniform; performance of steel pipe concrete components with geometric parameters, such as steel ratio, slenderness ratio and an empty heart rate change is continuous and unified; performance of steel pipe concrete components as the physical parameters, such as changes in the strength of steel and concrete is a continuous and uniform; performance of steel pipe concrete components with the cross-sectional shape, such as circles, polygons, octagonal, hexagonal, and square change is continuous and uniform.
    "Unified Theory of Concrete Filled Steel Tube under the guidance of the industry of steel pipe mechanical properties of high-strength concrete and design, as well as steel pipe concrete fire resistance and fire protection design method.
    Performance of the steel pipe of high strength concrete high strength concrete (world different from the definition of high-strength concrete, in our country, is generally believed that the strength grade C60 and above the concrete for high strength concrete) is a hot research topic in recent years, domestic and foreign scholars . The kind of high-strength concrete advantages are high strength, saving cement, reducing the size of the member section to reduce the structural weight, thus commonly used to load a lot of structure, such as high-rise buildings, underground projects and large span structures pillar. However, the weakness of high-strength concrete brittleness and ductility large difference, which hinder it in practical engineering applications, especially in complex stress state, the structure is controlled by brittle failure, greatly reduce the reliability of its work. High strength concrete is poured into a steel tube of high-strength concrete, high strength concrete by effective constraint, the ductility of the steel pipe will be greatly enhanced. In addition, the complex stress state, the pipe has a lot of shear and torsional capability. Thus, through the combination of the two, can effectively overcome the weaknesses of brittleness and ductility of high strength concrete, high strength concrete engineering applications can be achieved, the economic benefits can be fully tapped. A large number of examples to prove that, compared with the ordinary strength concrete steel concrete and steel columns, steel pipe high strength concrete can save about 50% of the steel, lower cost; compared with reinforced concrete column, no template, and can save more than 50% of the concrete, reduce the structural weight more than 50% of steel consumption and cost slightly more than or about equal. Big exam registered structural engineer
    With the formation of high-strength concrete filled steel pipe steel pipe concrete savings in addition to the other advantages that have the steel pipes ordinary strength concrete, at least more than 60% of the concrete, to reduce the structural weight more than 60%.
    Steel pipe concrete is a new type of structure, not yet developed such structural fire standard, this is not only restricted the promotion of the structure, and lack the necessary scientific basis for the refractory assessment of the structure has been built. Therefore, in-depth study of the fire resistance of steel pipe concrete to determine the fire safety design methods and standards that are very important.
    Steel Pipe Concrete Engineering Advances in application of steel pipe concrete structure should be used for axial compression or less eccentric pressure column.

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