Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

ASTM A179 (ASME SA179) heat-exchanger pipes


1. ASTM A179 seamless heat-exchanger pipes
2. Standard&material: ASTM A179 or equivalent standard&material like DIN17175 ST35.8 
3. OD: 8mm-76.2mm, W. T: 1.8mm-18mm L: 25meters max. 
4. Manfuacturing method: Cold-drawn 
5. Delivery condition: Annealing 
6. Packing: In bundles tied with steel strips. 
7. End finish: Plain ends with square cuts or bevelled ends. 
8. Marking, oil-coating, black-lacquer, end plastic caps to be confirmed. 
9. Application: Used for low&medium pressure vessels, heat-exchangers, condensers, etc.

ASTM A179 (ASME SA179) smls pipes
ASTM A179 (ASME SA179) cold drawn seamless low carbon steel heat exchanger and condenser tubes
ASTM A179 (ASME SA179) technical points
1 Scope
1, the standard applies to tube heat exchanger, condensers and similar heat transfer units used in most thin-walled seamless steel pipe;
2 This standard applies to 3.2 ~ 76.2mm steel pipe.
2 General requirements Except as otherwise provided in this standard, shall comply with all applicable provisions of ASTM A450
3 surface quality without iron skin, other provisions of the surface quality according to ASTM A450.
4 Designation and chemical composition (%)
             C Mn P S
   0.06 ~ 0.18 0.27 ~ 0.63 ≤ 0.035 ≤ 0.035
5 heat treatment to last a cold drawn after heat treatment under a temperature of not lower than 650 ℃
Of 6 hardness test HRB ≤ 72 sampling requirements for the two steel tube samples taken from each batch of steel pipe in any for trial. (The so-called batch is the same furnace steel production of the same public that all of the steel pipe diameter and wall thickness without segmentation. Batch furnace, batch refers only to the same heat, the same size, the same furnace installed heat treatment pipe; for a continuous furnace, the batch should include the same furnace, the same size and in the same heat treatment furnace at the same temperature for the same heating time, and the same furnace speed all the steel pipe in the heat treatment.)
7 flattening test method ASTM A450, sampling for each batch of steel pipe or the rest take two pipe cut test specimens.
      (A number of tubes of 250)
8 flared performance method according to ASTM A450, sample taken for each batch of steel pipe or the rest of the two steel pipes cut sample test.
      (A number of tubes of 250)
9 hemming performance of the S / D <10% pipe, available bead substituting flarable. ASTM A450, sampling for each batch of steel pipe or the rest take two pipe cut test specimens. (A number of tubes of 250)
10 hydrostatic test-by-branch water pressure For parties agreed that the available non-destructive generation of water pressure. Non-destructive testing according to ASTM A450,.
11 signs in addition to the provisions of ASTM A450, and shall also include the name and order number of the demand side.
If you want to order the A179 steel pipe, send me a message, we export every month nearly 2,000 tons of this steel pipe.

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