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Stainless steel pipe processing technology


Stainless steel pipe processing technology
Several surface treatment of stainless steel pipe, the first volume of its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and how to apply the technology on 316 stainless steel tube products for surface finishing, pointing out that a more extensive use of stainless steel pipe products and market vision.
Hub words: stainless steel tube; surface treatment technology; matte processing; light processing; color processing
1 Introduction of  stainless steel surface finishing processing technology into the matte processing technology, mirror light processing technology, the surface color processing technology. The technology currently used in different products and different areas have been excellent results.
2, stainless steel tube polished technology stainless steel tube matt processing technology refers to the processing of products to achieve the average silver-white luster consistent with the stainless steel tube itself, and has a metallic luster. This generally refers to the production of large stainless steel pipe products, forming the workpiece due to the large stainless steel pipe through the coil, stamping, folding and welding process, processing the surface of the weld metal and oil, rust, macular, unsightly, it is also easily corrosion and reduce the quality and value of stainless steel pipe products. For stainless steel pipes manufactured products to achieve beautiful, welcomed by customers, it is necessary to Gansu NEW SINDA steel pipe stainless steel pipe products for surface finishing processed. After forming the matte processing large stainless steel pipe fittings in general, not external processing before first for parts pretreatment, the compound after the last treatment. Through this process can achieve a beautiful appearance, but also progress in its anti-corrosion and anti-discoloration functions. First for sandblasting and then pickling passivation to achieve the matte purpose. Through the above approach, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe products progress in 2 to 3 times. Stainless steel tube was not rust chromium, nickel composition, and then through the matt, not only can eliminate the stainless steel tube matrix mixed with impurities and surface iron-rich layer, and make chromium, nickel enrichment in the surface form a complete purification of the membrane, play a good antiseptic effect.
3, stainless steel seamless tube mirror light processing technology, depending on the complexity and user requirements for stainless steel seamless pipe products, respectively, using mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods to achieve specular gloss. Following the author of the first volume of the advantages and disadvantages of these three processes, methods, for your reference selected in Table 1. Table 1, three polishing process, the advantages and disadvantages of project method of combination of the strengths of the shortcomings Product Remarks mechanical polishing leveling, light labor-intensive, serious pollution, and complexity can not be processed, the gloss decreased, rust, investment and capital to higher simple , a small gloss can not gloss retention time is not long, nausea, rust chemical polishing with less investment, complex parts can be cast, fast, high efficiency, corrosion protection good brightness, gas overflow, you need to ventilate equipment heating problem of complex parts and small parts of the brightness of less demanding products small batch processing more cost-effective electrochemical polishing the mirror gloss to maintain a long process into chaos, less pollution, low capital, good corrosion resistance, pollution prevention of sexual one-time investment complex thing to tooling, auxiliary electrode, mass produced to lower the temperature of the high-end products of the initiative measures, exports, tolerance product process into chaos, and large quantities of produce, easy to manipulate the control, it is worth to promote the use of the following I focus on the first volume of a mirror bright electrochemical polishing Process characteristics. Stainless steel pipe with the DC smooth smooth through a specific electrolyte, and passed to the conductor on the pole, so that the stainless steel tube on the anode surface to remove the layer of metal to leveling the uneven surface, shiny surface, electro-chemical treatment technology known as the stainless steel tube - electrochemical polishing.
Stainless steel tube bright electro-chemical process of metal anodic dissolution, the anodic formation of oxide film and anode open to release the oxygen three at the same time. So the electro-chemical light treatment no hydrogen embrittlement of stainless steel pipe products and a variety of metal structures. Through the electro-chemical light treatment of stainless steel seamless pipe products, to maintain the original geometry, brightness and cleanliness of the product can be maintained more than 2 years no deviation, while fine burr to remove the product, especially together for the vulnerable parts and hard to reach areas to the hair, such as precision lathe parts, optical, electrical, electronic parts and household appliances, etc.. Light processing technology of electro-chemical deburring, also can remove the part on the surface micro-cracks and embedded foreign impurities, it has no energy input surface of the part, that the tensile and compressive stress on the surface can be turned into no-stress surface, which advances the product fatigue resistance. Stainless steel pipe products by the power of light treatment may make it resistant to erosion of the functional progress of 2-3 times. Stainless steel tube chrome-nickel oxides after electrochemical treatment enhanced the passive film to address the poor nickel layer of the surface chromium depletion, the formation of the enrichment of chromium, nickel passivation layer. Stainless steel tube products through the power of light treatment, the cleanliness of the product has been progress. As the workpiece surface after the electrochemical treatment bright, smooth, dirt material is not easy to stick on its surface. If the water heater electric heating tubes in the water for a long time, water, calcium, magnesium impurities easy guitar corrosion of tubes in the tube caused by perforation. Light through the electro-chemical treatment, the scale material is not easy to knot prison, greatly advances its service life. Another example is the pharmaceutical equipment, all pharmaceutical contact surface should have a higher cleaning and cleanliness and corrosion resistance requirements. Electro-chemical light processing technology can meet this requirement, it is necessary to use one of the technology of pharmaceutical equipment.
4, stainless steel tube color processing technology with color stainless steel pipe processing technology, chemical and electrochemical methods from the technology point of view, they can be handled in a specific electrolyte in different colors, in order to progress the wear resistance of stainless steel pipe, corrosion and the varieties used in different occasions, different economic benefits. The production of colored stainless steel tube are summarized as follows: ① high temperature oxidation, ② chemical oxidation, ③ electrochemical oxidation method, ④ ion implantation method, ⑤ gas pyrolysis method.
Various approaches are summarized as follows:
(1) high-temperature oxidation of the molten salt in the workpiece immersed to maintain a certain process temperature, time, the workpiece to form a certain thickness of the oxide film, while showing a variety of different luster.
(2) chemical oxidation is a specific solution, by controlling the temperature and time of the formation of a variety of film colors, and generally "due to Kefa," more, nothing more than to be able to maintain a consistent brilliance, it is necessary to use the reference electrode to controlled.
(3) electrochemical method is by controlling the temperature, voltage, time in a specific electrolyte, to form a certain thickness of the membrane chloride glory, this process is relatively mature, wider application.
(4) ion implantation through a vacuum gasification ion deposition in Gansu stainless steel tube stainless steel tube surface, such as market city of love, watch shell, strap Golden is using this technology, or for large quantities produced.
(5) Gas lysis method, the process is relatively complex, less industry, the article does not go long above.
5 Conclusions (1) Gansu stainless steel tube stainless steel tube by the surface treatment, it can be 2-3 times the corrosion resistance improvement, deburring progress in its anti-sticking function to reach the beautiful fine decorative appearance to the people to the gorgeous, noble feeling. (2) stainless steel pipe fittings, contented through the above-mentioned surface treatment to some products special requirements, progress, product quality, extend equipment life, progress, market competitiveness, and bring good economic benefits of surface finishing processing technology to the enterprise is divided into matt processing technology, the specular light processing technology, the surface color processing technology. The technology currently used in different products and different areas have been excellent results.

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