Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Carbon steel tubes two type treatment processes

Steel tubes of two types of heat treatment processes

Steel pipe, oil well tubing and drill pipe intermediate frequency induction heating thermal processing method of the present invention is a steel pipe, oil well pipe and drill pipe medium frequency induction heating method of thermal processing method: automatic positioning of the alignment for the storage of materials, procurement blank, blank, enter the heating roller, hardened induction heating, a closed system of temperature control, continuous line of spray, so that the details quickly and evenly all hardenability, the remaining water out of sewers and pipe runs under preparation, tempering, induction heating, infrared temperature closed-loop control to remove surface oxide scale, the cooling bed Advantages:.
frequency induction heating medium, the heat source of the heat treatment of environmental pollution, safety, carbon monoxide, low cost. heating roller to ensure uniform heating of the workpiece in the heating process with no blanks to school after straightening roller machine alignment, cost reduction. jet quenching device in accordance with a continuous piece of manipulation spray quickly and evenly all hardenability device for removal of scale in light of the finished surface of the part to achieve the true color. Lishui water and water vapor back into the light sensor, plus hot line of the circle, the induction heating coil and a long service life.
Steel pipe, oil pipe and the drill pipe and the intermediate frequency induction heating method of heat treatment, the process steps of the method consists of: (1) the deposit of material procurement: procurement of steel tube or pipe, or oil well drill pipe for the storage of materials neatly arranged table, storage of materials Taiwan, the table is tilted 2-5 degrees, keeping the workpiece material hanging crown block platform, automatically sequential neatly arranged: the block structure of the material storage boot device to an eccentric wheel, adjust the eccentric wheel φ60 φ139 ~. 7. situation from different angles, you can turn the material so that the stirrer;
(2) Procurement of automatically aligned position: blank steel tube or pipe, or oil well drill pipe storage rack units of material aimed at the first position - align the positioning of the positioning of video clip consists of four of the rolls and is equipped with a switch feed, in which both ends of the shaft, driven by the motor drive to the alignment of workpiece;
(3) of the workpiece in a heating roller: steel billet, or an oil well drill pipe or pipes in a heating roller for uniform heating, the heating roller to set the slope of V-shaped rollers and the frequency of the engine and gearbox, V-type roller speed frequency control, sensor operation step smooth workpiece alignment lift racks, roll delivered was tilted 8-20 ° setting a variable feed rate, set the feed rate of the frequency converter feeding a forward feed roll drive, speed, height-adjustable billet steel or oil well tubing or drill pipe shall be placed in the V-shaped clips, plus a range of rotation of the hot line in the induction of drilling pipes or steel billets, or oil wells uniform heating of the rod;
(4) induction heating quenching: billet oil well pipes or steel pipes or drill pipe when heated roller at a frequency induction heating fire protection, heating zones of different sets of power-frequency power supply with several induction heating coil consists of a hardening zone induction heating, the heating temperature 850 ℃ -1000 ℃ to ensure uniform temperature billet
(5) of the closed temperature control: Set of two color infrared thermometer for temperature control billet at the exit of the induction heating coil and a feedback signal to automatically adjust the power inverter output power to drive the formation of a closed system of feedback control, control the temperature of the product technology within the acceptable range of error;
(6) continuous spray with the line, so that the details quickly and evenly all hardenability: heating a steel billet, or an oil well pipe or drill pipe in the spray area to satisfy, using jet devices for fire water jets on the surface of the steel tube was heated, fully hardenability of the wall, the rapid cooling of a single, strong spray of 5-30 seconds, the choice of two sets of flow of high pressure pumps, pressure rise of 125 meters per hour, the water cycle in 1000 / h, the total power of 500 kW for vapor membrane damage to the surface of the workpiece;
(7) on the workpiece, strain and Taiwan: the removal of parts from steel pipes and tubes of oil wells and drill pipe to remain in the water in the back FireWire range, filter, and Taiwan is inclined in two directions to achieve the goal of eliminating the water quenched, the direction of the slope were blank or an oil well drill pipe or tubing to automatically switch to the other side 2 - 5 ° tilt in steel billet, or an oil well drill pipe or tube axis direction of the piece of steel pipes and tubes of oil wells or drill pipe in the drain and automatically move the stage so that workpiece or oil well pipes or steel pipes drill pipe in the light of drip water, a few minutes later, the feeder on the pneumatic lift to be sent back to the firing line rollers,. oil heat treatment furnace with an ever-increasing complexity of oil strength grade of oil, and pipes are becoming more demanding of J55 steel grade oil casing gradually comply with N80 grade steel has become the usual stainless steel, the depth continues to deepen, more and more P110, Q125, and other steels a wide range of pipe market to provide more steel pipes of steel grade J55, N80, P110, Q125-class procurement of steel pipes is very difficult.

Oil steel pipe manufacturers, who produce high quality steel tubing and the casing has brought great difficulties.

Construction of oil steel pipe heat treating production line can easily purchase low-grade steel pipe J55 heat treatment to improve for the N80,, of the P110, Q125 grade of steel used to solve high-quality steel pipe is difficult to procurement difficulties to meet the steel pipes for the oil production of crude oil production company the high price of crude oil were housing must meet the growing demand from the oil fields is more complicated.

Steel pipe is hanging on the slope outside the hardened surface of the furnace on the bench, who lined up behind the pickup roller kiln with power supply and pull the power off, pull the unit's power will be of steel pipes from the drop-rack load on the quenching of the charge rollers. bit stream to satisfy the charge door, tempering furnace feed roller and the roller bracket charge, at the same time, rapid rotation, the tube is directed into the furnace hardening.


the location of steel tubes in the furnace tempering steel pipe positioning device and PLC control. Steel pipe positioning device usually consists of two photoelectric switches, and the completion of the length of steel pipe measuring the velocity and position it in the oven and the PLC. 3 steel tubes in the furnace in place, and in the oven for the feed roller stops rotating, while the oven revitalization of the beam increases, steel pipes from the furnace cantilever rollers hold up to 180 mm, the level rays of the next 140 (150) mm, and then remove 180mm, steel pipe on the furnace fixed socket of a tooth on an inclined plane of the beam to rotate at a certain angle falls in the tooth sockets of the beams, and then returned to the level to 140 (150) mm to the starting position to complete the activation of forward movement.


Thus, each feeding a beat, walking beams to complete the time to forward movement of the tube in a fixed beam to move forward on a tooth from 180 (200) mm, and the reflection of a certain angle, insulation of heat pipes in the quenching furnace tempering temperature requirements. walking-beam steel pipe assistance to quench furnace rollers cantilever material, feed door, oven hardening material cantilever rollers and quenching of the furnace to feed the video out at the same time, the rapid rotation (maximum VVVF 2m / S). tube furnace rollers passed the high water pressure, in addition to the scale of the device to the roller quenching machine materials, hardening of the material machine roller set two photoelectric switches, the unit became head of the first photoelectric switch, roller brake block of the second photoelectric switch movie stops, the rest of the tube gently against the fixed walls. quenching mechanism for feeding the furnace (Group Las Dayton lever) to the tube care to a group of rotating bearings quenching wheel.


Compliant pressure roller with a hydraulic cylinder to suppress the steel pipe. Steel pipe was caused by the rotating wheel bearings rotate at higher speeds, this time for the solidification of the flap was removed the fuel tank, outside watering pouring, splashing in a three-way valve switching the spray from the holes injected into the steel tube at one end, so that the outside shower, spray rotating quenching. extinguishing time, depending on pipe material and wall thickness, as a rule, 6-3040-650) (in seconds can be arbitrarily set. After quenching, the valve will be located outside the irrigation district denies the fall of the next fire pit, a spray flow of three references into the pit through the relief valve for internal pinch roller spray removed, pull the feeder will pull out the tube, insert a blank water at one end of an empty water to raise the same time, the compressed air from a nozzle Chit empty water into the empty water falling discharge power block device channel will be pull the steel tube and sent back to the furnace charge rollers feed the beat in the quenching of the charge door, stainless steel clip to send back into the oven, transfer mode with a tube furnace quenching in the back of the plate to move forward one step at a thermal tempering temperature of the blend door of the furnace tube to the feed roller gear outside the furnace roller associated with an equalizer feeding roller, a short period of cooling in bed before straightening machines, steel pipes to cool to 450-500 degrees, pulling on the steel pipe straightening machine to send the feed rollers and straightening straightening machine.

require straightening machine has the function of fast open to adapt to straighten break both ends of the steel pipe. These furnaces can be a good heat treatment of steel pipes.


rolling steel pipe plant heat treatment production line design of this heat treatment line is mainly used for oil casing heat treatment, the implementation of API 5CT- in 2001. for the production of high value-added pipe, casing and improve economic efficiency.

after heat treatment, pipe, casing has a higher strength, toughness and corrosion resistance performance, in accordance with international standards, leading position in the domestic design of the following process: from the middle library to be heat-treated steel with a crane in the charging table, and then into the furnace quenching, in accordance with the requirements after the release of high pressure water and the removal of phosphorus transport device is a rotating roller quenching with water, and use multiple sets of compression rollers pressed steel rotation, just above the water at room temperature wash the exterior walls of the tube quenching, steel pipe nozzle spray to extinguish the tube wall, until the temperature reaches the http://www.netgms.com/carbon-steel-pipe.htmlrequired temperature of organizational change, and then lift transport aircraft, steel pipes are transported to the catchment area of the disk, and then feed back to the plate by a steel pipe with the back plate of the sizing mill, hot leveler in the NC cooling bed, cooling, passing in the middle of the library This production line is the key technology and innovation.: (1) the use of systems engineering principles and technology requirements and to optimize the process to all areas of the four thermal processing at the same time, primary and secondary balance, smooth flow, efficiency and low consumption.


(2), outside shower spray technology, along with the water quenching of steel pipes, an expert system software to ensure that reasonable and reliable process parameters during the processing of each grade of steel, seamless steel tubes, thus providing a thermally processed product quality. (3) automatic control, computer information management, total quality control, improve productivity and control. (4) change the oil quenching, water quenching and significantly reduce pollution, save fuel, improve industrial safety, and (5) for investment portfolio optimization and selection of equipment, compared with a full range of equipment imports, maintaining investment in the construction of more than 100 million yuan.

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