Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Conductor Casing | Intermediate Casing | Liner Strings | Production Casing

Conductor Casing
Conductor casing is installed initially, normally before the arrival from the drilling rig. The hole for conductor casing is generally drilled having a tiny auger drill, mounted around the back of a truck. Conductor casing is normally no greater than 20 to 50 feet extended. It is actually installed to stop the leading in the properly from caving in and to help in the course of action of circulating the drilling fluid up in the bottom with the well. Onshore, this casing is generally 16 to 20 inches in diameter, although offshore casing ordinarily measures 30 to 42 inches. The conductor casing is cemented into location prior to drilling begins.
Surface casing may be the next sort of casing to become installed. It may be anywhere from some hundred to two,000 feet long, and is smaller in diameter than the conductor casing. When installed, the surface casing fits inside the best with the conductor casing. The main goal of surface casing should be to guard fresh water deposits near the surface of the well from being contaminated by leaking hydrocarbons or salt water from deeper underground. It also serves as a conduit for drilling mud returning for the surface, and assists shield the drill hole from being broken throughout drilling. Surface casing, like conductor casing, is cemented into spot. Regulations frequently dictate the thickness in the cement to be used to make sure that there is certainly little possibility of freshwater contamination.

Conductor Casing | Intermediate Casing | Liner Strings | Production Casing

drill pipes, drilling equipments and some other drilling tools. 

Conductor Casing | Intermediate Casing | Liner Strings | Production Casing

Intermediate Casing
Intermediate casing is normally the longest section of casing found in a nicely. The major objective of intermediate casing is usually to lessen the hazards that come as well as subsurface formations that may possibly affect the effectively. These involve abnormal underground pressure zones, underground shale, and formations that may well otherwise contaminate the nicely, which include underground salt-water deposits. In a lot of instances, even though there may well be no proof of an unusual underground formation, intermediate casing is run as insurance against the possibility of such a formation affecting the effectively. These intermediate casing areas may perhaps also be cemented into spot for added protection.

Liner Strings
Liner strings are often used rather than intermediate casing. Liner strings are normally run from the bottom of a different type of casing for the open well location. Even so, liner strings are often attached for the preceding casing with 'hangers', as an alternative to becoming cemented into place. This type of casing is therefore significantly less permanent than intermediate casing.

Production Casing
Production casing, alternatively named the 'oil string' or 'long string,’ is installed last and may be the deepest section of casing inside a properly. That is the casing that gives a conduit from the surface of your effectively for the petroleum-producing formation. The size from the production casing is dependent upon a variety of considerations, such as the lifting gear to be employed, the number of completions required, and the possibility of deepening the effectively at a later time. For instance, if it is anticipated that the nicely will likely be deepened at a later date, then the production casing have to be wide adequate to enable the passage of a drill bit later on.
Nicely casing is actually a crucial part of your completed nicely. Moreover to strengthening the effectively hole, it provides a conduit to enable hydrocarbons to be extracted devoid of intermingling with other fluids and formations found underground. It's also instrumental in stopping blowouts, permitting the formation to be 'sealed' in the prime should harmful stress levels be reached. For more technical info on blowouts and their prevention, click right here. As soon as the casing has been set, and in most situations cemented into place, appropriate lifting equipment is installed to bring the hydrocarbons from the formation towards the surface. Following the casing is installed, tubing is inserted inside the casing, running from the opening nicely at the best for the formation in the bottom. The hydrocarbons that happen to be extracted go up this tubing for the surface. This tubing could also be attached to pumping systems for additional effective extraction, must that be required.

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