Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

X80 pipeline,API X80 STEEL PIPE

X80 pipeline
Typical mechanical values taken from EBK pipes are given below:
Length: max. 42‘ (13.200 mm)*
Outside diameter: 16“-48“ (406 - 1.219 mm)
Yield strength Rt0.5: 552 - 690 MPa (in transverse direction)
Tensile strength Rm: 621 - 827 MPa (in transverse direction)
Hardness: max. 248 HV10
Elongation A  2“: min. 30%
CVN energy value: 42/34J at -20 °C (-4 °F)
Drilling riser, , line pipes, riser pipes, gathering lines, mother pipes for bend,wellhead houses
X80 pipeline steel containing molybdenum Kang Da deformation of two-stage cooling process control
Existing studies using low C steel component design with Mo, but also include other alloying elements Nb, Ti, Cu and Ni. Test steel vacuum induction furnace, vacuum casting and rapid cooling, heating and forging ingot is then hot-rolled into a rectangular slab.
Billet into the resistance heating furnace, and then incubated, after a four-roll mill rolling, after seven rolling into steel samples. Hot-rolled using recrystallization and recrystallization region controlled rolling two-stage process, the recrystallization rolling start rolling temperature and finish rolling temperature difference of about one hundred, the cumulative reduction rate> 60%; recrystallization region rolling start rolling lower temperatures and finishing temperature, the cumulative reduction rate> 70%.
Are using traditional pipeline after cold rolling fast direct cooling, organized into a single bainite, high strength and toughness, but the lack of plasticity; Kang Da deformation in order to obtain good performance ferrite - bainite duplex structure, study used a two-stage controlled cooling process: after rolling slowly at first air-cooled to a temperature below Ar3 to get some ferrite content; then accelerated into the water cooling, the remaining unconverted supercooled austenite into rapid cooling process bainite.
After a two-stage cooling process control, test with Mo ferritic steels get - bainite duplex structure, which includes ferrite polygonal ferrite and quasi-polygonal ferrite, granular bainite bainite.
Open cold temperatures accelerated cooling decided to organize content in ferrite: cold temperature decreases with the open, with Mo ferritic steels test volume fraction increases, the ferrite grain size increases; increasing the initial volume fraction of ferrite mainly caused by an increase in the amount of crystal nucleation, the latter is mainly caused by the grain growth. Final cooling temperature accelerated cooling effects characteristic of bainite organization: the higher end of the cold temperatures, bainite M / A island size is more thick, and many non-equiaxed; lower end of the cold temperatures, bainite M / A content decreased, finer size distribution is more uniform, homogeneous enhancement.
With the accelerated cooling of open cold temperature decreases, increasing the ferrite content, yield strength steels containing Mo drop test, the first increase in the reduced tensile strength, yield ratio lower, uniform elongation increased. When certain ferrite content, the main factors affecting the uniform elongation is characterized bainite M / A's. With the accelerated cooling stop temperature of the cooling is reduced, reducing the M / A content, size finer, fine and uniform distribution of M / A work hardening rate is increased to delay the occurrence of necking, the sample uniformly stretched while little change in intensity long was significantly improved.

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