Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

Submarine pipeline,Seabed steel pipe,Submarine pipe


seamless (welded  spiral ) steel pipe 





OD-WT (mm)

China Grade

Alloy pipe

Fluid pipe 

CS pipe

Hydraulic pillar pipe

Line pipe 

Marine pipe 

Structure pipe 







DIN-17175St 37.2

DIN-17175St 35.8

DIN-17175St 35.4














ASTM A210-A-

DIN1629 ST42

DIN1629 ST45








GB 8163

ASTM 1045





DIN1629 ST52.3

DIN1629 ST52.4

DIN1629 ST52















4 1/2”—20”





Carbon Steel seamless  pipe
Material A106 Gr A,B,A53 Gr B,A333 Gr 6,A335 P11,A335 P22,TP304,TP321,TP316,TP304L,TP316L,A335 P5,ST37,ST35.8,ST52,1.0309,
OD 1/4"-80",13mm-2000mm
Usage Structure Use,water transport,Building,Machinery,Traffic,Aviation,Oil development ect.
OD Tollerance D<50mm,+-0.5mm ,D>50MM,+-1%
WT Tollerance WT +-12.5%
Chemical C:0.17-0.24%,Si:0.17-0.37%,MN:0.35-0.65%,P:<0.035%,S:<0.035%,Cu:<0.25%,Ni<0.25%,Cr:<0.25%


Standard : as per API SPEC 5L PIPE


Large diameter linepipe for conveying gas ,water, and petroleum of both the oil and natural gas industries.

1. Standard : as per API SPEC 5L

2.Material : APL SPEC 5L, PSL1/PSL2. B,X42, X52, X56, X 60

3. Size range : outside diameter : 8.6 - 31.93inch, wall thickness :0.79 - 4.72inch, length : 6000mm to 12000mm


Submarine pipeline

Submarine pipeline,Seabed steel pipe,Submarine pipe

 In the sea of oil Research Institute


Abstract: bi-metallic composite pipe has been widely used abroad, both onshore and offshore oil and gas projects.


Domestic onshore oil field gas development projects in recent years, it has also been rapid diffusion, however, in the domestic offshore oil and gas projects, there is no application of precedent. Introduced from the application background, product categories, and marine applications to be concerned about the problem and the application prospects of the bi-metallic composite pipe.


To promote its application in the domestic offshore oil development. Keywords: bi-metallic composite pipe composite pipe machinery metallurgy composite pipe subsea pipeline


A. Introduction bimetallic composite tube manufacturing process can be Pided into mechanical composite pipe and metallurgy in the development and production of offshore oil and gas fields in many cases, the pipeline composite pipe categories. CO: or H2s with higher levels of media need to be transported in the high temperature and pressure conditions, the mechanical composite pipe manufacturing processes, including hydraulic expansion method, the corrosion resistance of the elastomer medium, ordinary carbon steel is difficult to meet the corrosion resistance to extrusion and blasting law, mechanical composite tube two materials, there is no integration in solving, statistics show that the corrosion failure is caused by undersea pipeline failure one together, therefore, necessary, carbon steel pipe can be stainless steel with any one kind of the important reasons. Select economically reasonable and technically feasible subsea pipeline material steel pipe compound together. Its production process is simple, with lead times of more material to solve the acid (including H: S) or sweet nature (including CO :) environment corrosion short. Typically used for submarine pipeline flat pipe. Become a major problem in the development of marine petroleum, metallurgy composite pipe manufacturing process, including the plate forming a seamless process, the rule of double metal composite tube as a new type of pipe, with its fusion of the relative will be the gold composite tube two materials together , should the prices of the two material properties and good corrosion resistance, differences in domestic land and foreign land, not in any kind of stainless steel material can be carbon steel composite land and marine oil gas field development has been widely used However, in together. Metallurgical composite pipe can be used for the flat pipe or elbow sections. No application of precedent in the domestic offshore oil and gas field development. 2.2 pairs of metal composite pipe manufacturing standard.


Bi-metallic composite pipe Profile


1) composite pipe manufacturing standard API 5LD Specification for the CRA Clad or2.1 bi-metallic composite pipe Category Lind Steel Pipe metal composite pipe is made by a mechanical or metallurgical by the outer carbon steel and corrosion-resistant alloy steel steel pipe, which combines a covered or lined with corrosion-resistant alloy steel tubes with high strength of the outer carbon steel and alloy steel corrosion-resistant advantages of the SY / T 6623-2005. (Equivalent to API 5LD) cross-section structure shown in Figure 2.1-1. 2) part of the outer carbon steel pipe manufacturing standards API 5L Specification for Line Pipe DNV-OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems, 2000) lined pipe manufacturing standard drawing 2-1 bi-metallic composite pipe section structural map API 5LC Specification for the ERA the Line Pipe GB / T 12771 fluid transport Welded stainless steel (equivalent to this in the application of complex sets of pipes required by welding test ride to determine the weld API 5LC) welding consumables and welding.


 l, GTAW-corrosion-resistant alloy wire. Marine applications asked condemnation 3.1 design strength calculation and design life to be concerned about how to consider the GTAW orGMAW corrosion-resistant alloy welding & not related to the intensity on the standards of the composite tube products at home and abroad 3, GTAW, GMAW, sMAw wipe corrosion stainless steel welding or the plain milling wire, Europe and the United States and this month to promote bi-metallic composite pipe 4-7, GTAW the, GMAn 'sM ^ "corrosion-resistant wire containing plate or carbon steel wire in practice, this material classified to the function of the metal matrix, composite materials Lou strength calculations only consider the substrate, without considering the complex layers - life of a five-timing only consider the complex layer, without considering the substrate 32 site welding) pipe end design metallurgical complex pipe client does not have special requirements for the mechanical complex sets of tubes, there are two kinds of sealing pipe end and the the surfacing tube end, see diagram 3 a i'2 sealing pipe end is not suitable for grinding groove at the scene, the user must design the shape of the groove, bevel polished at the factory by the manufacturer, the pipe need to be careful not to damage groove in the transport wheel and install surfacing pipe end as needed, 3-5 nodes in the store mussels seam structure the Di Schematic diagram of the scene cut grinding groove) weld non-destructive flaw detection letter letter metallurgy composite pipe weld inspection the Zhu technique can be used automatic ultrasonic testing (AUT) with ordinary carbon steel pipe the same complex mechanical tube gap between the two materials, therefore detect the gap between the material easy to weld the lack of paternity confusion. early mining hoard of 3 i sealed floor pipe end show side of Figure 52 surfacing tube side show down with the x-ray detection technology (RT), weld inspection two , complete Section 2) after the welding process of two welding and cover welding to ensure that the weld does not exist in any bi-metal complex sets of pipe onshore and offshore welding has been a worldwide shortage accompanied later by improving end-of-pipe treatment or welding procedures, began using accumulated a wealth of experience within the welding process can be using a GTAW, RT + AUT detection in recent years, only the use of AUT check the GMAW the SMAW and SAW or these welding process phase junction units enable measurement technology research is in progress. with welding can team the use of manual welding, automatic welding and automatic welding. 4) pipe laying is slow, there are two bi-metallic composite pipe node weld constructed, an underwater pipeline and more pipe-laying vessel for laying pipe-laying ship daily cost of pure stainless steel wire fill the weld, the other is using a variety of wire to fill expensive. Shop laying barge speed depends on the node welding speed Ha weld weld when the first weld structure The protective coating, due to marine applications, the detection level of technology. composite tube due to the complexity of the welding process, weld inspection may be damaged, pipe welds and base metal exposure in seawater is difficult, Park and its laying speed much lower than the carbon pipe laying speed. the risk of weld materials with different potential of carbon steel, outside anti Therefore, improving the composite pipe welding speed at sea very heavy duff layer is damaged, and testing weld carbon copper base metal is exposed to seawater homes electricity you want to chemical corrosion, resulting in weld corrosion, so we should try to use 5) bending radius when the laying of pipelines and carbon steel base metal potential difference is small consumables for the second weld structure, mechanical composite tube pipe laying, bending will cause the liner to the capping carbon steel wire, making its antiseptic treatment with carbon from the base tube, caused lined yield even fold. laying before the same tube pipe, but also can reduce the costs of welding consumables. but you need to choose the appropriate channels in the full-scale bending test to determine the pipe liner and the base pipe from the transition layer of wire and welding, to avoid the transition layer cracks due to the bending radius to ensure that the laying of bend radius is not greater than this value. practice = session number of pipeline information (management] built i Shu forum oil and gas gathering, storage and transportation technology 7lt seminar basin of 179 showed that the S-shaped pipe-laying and J pipe-laying method, the condition is easily full of references foot, using the reel pipelay method only need to ensure that the reel diameter is sufficient



[L] Mikael W. Braestrup, Jan Bold Andersen. Big. Metallurgical composite pipe does not exist in this problem, Lars Wahi Andersen. et a1. Design and InstaUation of4, the application prospect of the Marine Pipelines [M]. America: Blackwell Sciened Ltd, 2005 At present, the international program to solve the corrosion problem in the pipe below



[2] Andrew C. Palmer. Roger A. King. Table The following table from the economic and technical aspects of various programs, a simple Subsea Pipeline Engineering


[M]. America: PennweU comparison, Corporation. 2004 is not yet fully grasp the relevant aspects of the technology. Domestic offshore oil field development to enter the deep sea, a growing number of oil field development, transmission and Author: Pipeline in the acidic environment of high temperature and pressure, to solve corrosion problems related to income and success of oil and gas field development in the pipeline of key issues . Luo


There are a number of the domestic offshore oil and gas projects to prepare the complex oil (East China) Storage and Transportation and Civil Engineering, received the Master of Engineering Mechanics, the science of joint material, the mechanical properties of composite pipe testing, welding technology, detection technology bit, the current CNOOC Research Institute sea structural engineer. Mainly engaged in the sea to knot surgery research work has been started. The structure's design and research work.


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