Specifications: diameter: 320 to 127 mm thickness: 0.4 to 12.7 mm Length: 6 m above, and, in accordance with customer demand, supply and other specifications of steel pipe

steel pipe support stability calculation


steel pipe support stability calculation:
Structural design of the structure of nine, ten-storey cantilevered steel pipe structure, in order to meet the design requirements, the decision to oblique beam construction joints kept in the beam side 2000m at; loaded to reduce support, and set aside within the beam of oblique plate steel pipe will be slab separate pouring.
End of the eaves gutter girder beam support riser spacing of 700mm checking, to determine whether they need to be encrypted by the entire support system. Load due to the gutters at the vertical and horizontal beam node, whichever is the next specimens of bent steel pipe checking.
sprial welded steel pipe
A. Design load:
Dead load template weight: [(0.25 2 × 0.6) (0.6 × 2 0.43 × 2) 0.5] × 0.7 × 0.05
 (0.3 × 2 0.5 × 2) × 2.0 / 2 × 0.05 = 0.220 t
Newly poured concrete weight: [0.25 × 0.6 0.07 × (0.6 0.43) 0.5 × 0.11] × 0.7 × 2.4
 0.3 × 0.5 × 2.0 / 2 × 2.4 = 0.826 t
               Reinforced weight (by concrete weight 1/10 meter): 0.1 x 0.826 = 0.083 t
                                       Σg = 1.129 t
Live load, the load of construction workers and equipment: (0.6 0.25 0.5) × 0.25 × 0.7 = 0.236 t
Design load q = 1.2 × 1.129 1.4 × 0.236 = 1.685 t
Two. steel pipe support checking:
) Steel pipe support stability calculation:
The top legislature of legs at the end of steel pipe to withstand the load N = 1.685 / 2 = 0.843t <Fp = 1.89t, to meet the requirements.
2) steel pipe sliding checking:
Role in the pole fastener load N = 1.685 / 2 = 0.843t> 0.8t, a single fastener sliding can not meet the requirements. Consider the importance of the structure under the beam to support the riser encryption to @ 350, node bent and about two specimens of bent Twill pieces sliding, so that to meet the requirements.

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