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Spiral pipe corrosion standards ? Spiral Pipe external corro


Spiral pipe corrosion standards ? Spiral Pipe external corrosion process ?
 What is the spiral steel pipe external corrosion ? Buried spiral steel pipe corrosion processes are those ? Spiral corrosion standards ?
Summary: spiral steel pipe corrosion IPN8710 external corrosion Shu Shu Shu 3PE/3PP Pipe Coating FBE pipe coating steel wall shot blasting Shu Shu Shu standards within the spray
spiral steel pipe
Spiral steel pipe external corrosion mainly IPN8710 antiseptic , single epoxy powder coating (FBE), double epoxy powder coating (2FBE), double-layer polyethylene coating (2PE), double-layer polypropylene anticorrosion (2PP), three layer polyethylene coating (3PE), three-layer polypropylene anticorrosion (3PP), the above approach has good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical damage ability, long life characteristics , can effectively solve the city , plateaus, swamps, sea, rivers, etc. complex regional pipeline corrosion problems .
IPN8710 corrosion : When the spiral steel pipe more types of corrosive media such as acids , alkalis, salts , oxidants and water vapor such circumstances , the coating must be chemically inert , acid salt corrosion, the coating should be compact structure , good water permeability , strong adhesion , tough fullness. Such conditions apply IPN8710 corrosion . IPN8710 anti-corrosion primer : the polyurethane , polyethylene, modified epoxy resin , non-toxic anti-rust pigments and fillers , additives and other components , room temperature curing to form an interpenetrating network , the coating structure is dense , acid , alkali, salt , rust performance, strong adhesion for water supply pipeline wall corrosion primer coating. IPN8710 anticorrosive paint : the epoxy , rubber, resin-modified , non-toxic anti-rust pigments and fillers , additives and other components. Excellent chemical resistance , non-toxic , anti- microbial attack , the inner wall of the supply line for the anticorrosive paint .
3PE/3PP pipe coating : PE spiral steel corrosion layer structure : a first layer of powder epoxy (FBE greater than 100μm), a second layer of adhesive (AD) 170 ~ 250μm, a third layer of polyethylene (PE) / polypropylene (PP ) 2.5 ~ 3.7mm, three materials integration, and with the steel firm to form a good coating . Diameter range φ159 ~ φ1220mm, 3PE for pipeline operating temperature ≤ 70 ℃; 3PP for pipe working temperature > 70 ℃.
2PE pipe coating : PE pipe corrosion layer structure, the first layer of adhesive (AD), a second layer of polyethylene (PE), integration of two materials , the same as the thickness of layers and layer PE .
FBE pipe coating : spiral steel pipe anti-corrosion epoxy powder , film thickness 300 ~ 500μm. Buried or submerged pipelines used , the operating temperature of -30 ~ 100 ℃.
Steel wall shot blasting : shot blasting motor driven by high-power high-speed rotating blades projectile that steel shot under the centrifugal force on the steel surface for shock treatment can not only completely remove rust , oxides and dirt , and steel in severe abrasive impact and the role of friction , but also to achieve the required uniform roughness . Shot blasting and pipe coating can enhance the mechanical adhesion surface . Because, shot blasting rust is an ideal way of pipeline corrosion .
The spraying : steel pipe coating using high pressure airless spray principle, the two-component solvent-free epoxy coating applied to blast cleaned surface of the tubular body , smooth surface coating after curing , has excellent abrasion resistance , excellent adhesion and good chemical properties , can effectively reduce the roughness of the pipe wall , reducing transportation resistance, to improve the efficiency of fluid transport , reduce corrosion of the pipe wall , extend life of the pipeline .
FBE epoxy powder antisepsis performed SY/T0315-1997 " steel pipeline outside FBE coating technology standards " 2PE/3PE antiseptic execution SY/T0413-2002 ( test ) " buried steel pipeline polyethylene outer coating Technical Standards " surface rust corrosion standards: sand-blasting on the outer surface of steel pipe GB/T8923-1988 requirements of Sa2 1/2 grade steel pipe surface anchor pattern depth of 40-100μm.

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